SmartThings + Scout: Hello, Smart Home. Meet 24/7 Monitoring.


No tools. No holes.

No contracts

Cancel anytime.


Monitor anywhere.

Simple. Secure. Seconds To Install.

  1. Tap configure (iPhone) or setup (Android) in the Smart Home Monitor section of the SmartThings app (it’s the three dots in the top-right-hand corner)

  2. Select Scout Alarm from Professionally Monitored Services

  3. Register and Then Choose Your Monitoring Plan

How it Works

1. Unexpected activity occurs

A SmartThings-compatible sensor detects unexpected activity in or around your home.

2. You're alerted

SmartThings sends you an immediate alert showing details of the incident.

3. Ignore, respond, or call police

Ignore the incident, respond yourself, or have Scout trigger a live operator to call the police.